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The best smart speakers for all budgets

Whether you want good sound, the cheapest or an alarm clock replacement, here are the options. After almost six years on the market, smart speakers now come in a variety of sizes, shapes, capabilities and prices. Whether you want a cheap speaker to keep the kids entertained, one that doubles as a digital photo frame or one that sounds so good you’ll want to yell “turn it up to 11”, here’s a quick guide to the best on the market.


Google’s Assistant is the best voice system on the market. It has better understanding than rivals, an enormous range of knowledge and – importantly – the ability to choose between male and female voices, even on a user-by-user basis as Google can distinguish between the individuals giving instructions.

The Nest Mini is the second generation of Google’s smallest and cheapest smart speaker. Available for as little as £29 (sometimes less than £20), it will put Google in any room, with improved voice recognition that’s faster and cuts down on accidental activations, which is better for protecting your privacy.

It sounds good for radio and can be used as a Bluetooth or Chromecast speaker. It is made of recycled plastic and looks like a small fabric pincushion. It can be wall mounted and has a touch-sensitive top for adjusting the volume and pausing and playing music.

Google Assistant is packed with things to entertain the children, too, from riddles and Disney games to quizzes and game shows.

Verdict: Cheap, sounds good and puts Google Assistant in any room you like.