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Medical Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Medical Alarm Monitoring Calgary

Independent Security Solution Inc is a specialist provider of Personal Emergency Response Systems and a range of other medical devices, with 24/7 live monitoring by our expert ISS team. Medical Alarm Monitoring Calgary

At Independent Security Solution Inc, we endeavor to provide quality care and assistance for parents and ageing family members, as well as anyone who requires a Personal Emergency Response System, bringing peace of mind and comfort to both you, and your loved ones.

We can provide custom medical monitoring services and time sensitive medical dispatch is handled at the highest priority and EMS will be dispatched within seconds. Please contact us for more information clarification or to book and appointment with one of our representatives. Medical Alarm Monitoring Calgary

Residential Security for People with:

  • a disability thus
  •  with mobility issues
  •  prone to fainting or falling
  •  special medical conditions
  •  working in high-risk occupations
  • The elderly Medical Alarm Monitoring Calgary

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Medical Alarm Monitoring Calgary

24/7 Calgary Alarm Monitoring Services

Independent Security Solution Inc is one of the few security companies in Calgary Alberta, that can supply 24 hour security alarm response. Moreover, our service is fast and reliable and can attend your property when you can't. That way we can guarantee you a piece of mind that you will have 24 hour protection 7 days a week.

Medical Alarm Monitoring Calgary

Alarm Monitoring Takeover

If you already own your alarm system and you’re not happy with your monitoring service – we have a solution for that! It’s called “Takeover”. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are that you’ve fallen out of love with your current security monitoring service. We can transfer your current monitoring system to us.

Medical Alarm Monitoring Calgary

Calgary Alarm Installation Services

If you’re looking for something better, then Independent Security Solution Inc offers home security. Furthermore, it is designed to remarkably improve the way you live. It’s not about installing a home security camera or two and then forgetting about it. It’s about the bigger picture: blending security, performance checks & monitoring to offer you complete peace of mind.

Medical Alarm Monitoring Calgary

Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)

Independent Security Solution Inc provides Wireless & CCTV Security Cameras Calgary businesses and homeowners can rely on. In fact, with over 35+ years in the security industry, you can count on our established Calgary security company to provide the smartest CCTV system solutions.

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