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Cochrane Alarm Monitoring

ISS - Cochrane Alarm Monitoring

Graded Security Protection provides peace of mind for both people and property.

24/7 security monitoring service keeps track of your alarms – all day, every day.




Cochrane Alarm Monitoring

While we’d never wish a burglary, break in or some other type of security breach on any of the people in our community, the truth is, that’s when we meet our customers. Most people don’t think about Cochrane alarm monitoring until they’ve already experienced a security problem. Be proactive. Don’t wait until something goes wrong. Get a well designed, professionally installed and constantly monitored security system to help prevent this.

As the number one choice in Cochrane alarm monitoring, we’re the one stop shop for security needs. We’ll work with you to assess your security needs. We’ll design a security system that addresses all your needs, and we’ll install it to the highest standards. We find high quality, budget friendly, innovative solutions that get the job done. So, if security matters for your home, store, warehouse, or office, you’re in the right place.

Don’t wait until you become a statistic. Call the Cochrane security professionals and get ahead of the security curve. however


Secure your business with our 24 hour  monitoring services.

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Keep your business safe and secure with 24-hour security monitoring services.

Our Cochrane security monitoring services are built around the idea that our customers’ security is paramount. We put your need to secure your property, investments, and belongings first. Whether that means designing a bespoke security system for your home or business or creating a custom Cochrane security monitoring package.

We go so much further than just offering round the clock monitoring for your alarm system. We also work with private and public specialists to make sure the response is always appropriate. No matter what, your security is our number one priority.

Cochrane Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Cochrane Alarm Monitoring Services

No one knows when your home or business might be targeted by criminals. That’s why round the clock alarm monitoring is so important. Crime doesn’t sleep, so neither does our service! We’re always on hand, monitoring your alarm system and taking swift action when needed. We always awake and watching, so you can relax and sleep easy.

Cochrane Alarm Takeover

If you’re already tied into an alarm monitoring service, and you’re not happy, you have options. Whatever your reason for wanting to switch service providers, we can make it happen. Let’s talk about what you need and expect. We’ll give you a fast, free, and friendly quote, and if you’re happy, we can takeover your existing alarm service. Don’t stay stuck with second class service!

Cochrane Alarm Monitoring

Cochrane Alarm Installation Services

Great security is one-part professional people who care, and one-part quality hardware that gets the job done. In addition to our industry leading security team, we also design and install high quality alarm systems. Simple and affordable or high tech and comprehensive, we can do it all. Contact our team to discuss your needs, get a professional assessment, and get the right security system for your needs.

Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)

Why wonder what’s happening at your warehouse, home, or storage yard? Get eyes on your investments all the time with a custom CCTV security system. Our team of specialists will design and install a closed-circuit TV system that watches what happens, records what matters, and adds an extra layer of security. We build systems that get the job done, even in the harsh Alberta winter.

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