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35+ years of experience in :

Fire, Environmental, Medical and Security monitoring industry

Our commitment to exceptional service and your peace of mind puts us above the competition. When you are in need of a total security solution in an evolving environment, Independent Security Solution Inc will provide you with the security requirements necessary to meet every threat. We offer business transparency and take pride in our high ethical standards. Every contract is fulfilled completely and to your satisfaction. Independent Security Solution Inc takes great pride in its staff, and especially its front-line staff, our monitoring operators. Not only do our operators respond to alarm events, they receive customer service training, basic troubleshooting skills to assist customers with first level alarm problems, Trade Practices and Privacy Act awareness and training in the various monitoring and communications equipment that Independent Security Solution Inc utilize.

ISS Today

In Calgary, Independent Security Solution Inc is committed to providing ongoing reliable, quality service and innovative products to all our customers. From protection of the average Canadian home and corner shop to the provision of sophisticated security systems for major commercial facilities such as banking institutions, large corporations and community centers, we provide security solutions tailored to the individual risk.


Independent Security Solution Inc

What We Monitor

  • Burglar / Intrusion
  • Fire and Medical Alarms
  • Personal Emergency Response (PERS)
  • Facilities and Assets Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring however

Services We Provide

  • Dialler Monitoring (including GSM backup options)
  • GPRS
  • Direct line Monitoring with line reversal
  • Multiplex Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring